rise above plastics

I see a shift!

I have been wanting to write about the disconnect between health food and consciousness of packaging for a while, but after an interaction I had today and a conversation I had recently, I’m going to be more optimistic and acknowledge a shift that I see happening instead!

No more maple!!

The title may have lead you to believe I have some kind of a vendetta against maple, which I assure you, I do not. I have nothing at all against maple, it tastes great, and it brings up an unparalleled level of nostalgia when paired with pancakes and remembering the good ole days of your mom’s breakfast on a lazy Saturday morning.  However, I never intended to rely as heavily as we’ve become on maple syrup at Moku Roots for our vegan pancakes which we previously served with honey until it was brought to our attention that it was slightly misleading.  The pancakes are vegan and will continue to be, but will be served with our local organic honey from Maui Bees in Kula and as such will be labeled dairy and egg free instead of vegan.  

We just got rid of our trash cans!!

We just got rid of our trash cans!!

I feel confident in saying that we are probably one of the only restaurants in existence that was faced with the predicament of producing too little trash for our 2 “slim jim” trash cans. Every night during our one trash run of the day, we would try to combine our 2 small kitchen trash cans, our 2 bathroom trash cans and the one by the register and still feel terrible that we were throwing away a full size trash bag hardly 1/3 of the way full.