What would you do?


I made a little meme about people who put bananas in plastic produce bags a few weeks back then later that day had a lunch meeting at Whole Foods.  I’ve done a little ranting about some of Whole Foods’ practices in the past and this wasn’t necessarily their fault, but they did enable it, I gathered my lunch on a reusable plate that I invariably have to harass someone at the burrito department to go find for me in the back (they never seem to have trouble stocking literally hundreds of single use containers at a time, but can’t quite pull off providing more than 3 reusable plates to the hundreds maybe thousands of people who eat their entire meal sitting at whole foods every day) I digress.  So I go to a checkout and this little woman comes up with a cart behind me and literally every. single. thing. she had was in a plastic produce bag, apples, bananas, peppers, MILK… freakin milk, that’s already in freakin plastic… WTF?!?!  I debated for a minute, but left at a loss for how to politely say what I was thinking which was obviously “what in the flying fuck are you thinking?!?!”  After spending far too much time since this moment brainstorming on what I could have said, the best I have come up with is “May I ask you why you put everything in plastic bags?” to see if we can get an amicable and potentially enlightening conversation going. 
But I bring this up to ask for HELP, What would you have done or said in this situation?