Vegetarian Food that Fulfills Even the Pickiest of Eaters

 Written By a Customer.

Full disclosure: I am not a Vegetarian or Vegan.  I am also a meat eating, picky eater so when my friends wanted to meet me for brunch at Moku Roots, Maui’s hot new vegetarian restaurant, I was skeptical.  Mind you, I do care about our environment and the idea of fresh ingredients actually grown on Maui is quite appealing. 

As a local, I am always surprised that more of the island isn’t dedicated to agriculture given our climate and rich soil.  Well, Moku Roots has got it going on!   Whatever they do to infuse the veggies together is nothing less than magical.  There are so many flavors and a menu that boggled my mind with creativity. (I had yacan instead of bacon)  Finally, a unique, healthy approach on Maui!  Long time coming in my mind.  So many eateries on Maui are dedicated mainly to tourists and this place is dedicated to all, even picky non-vegetarian eaters like me.  

You go, Moku Roots, do your thing.  I now understand all praise you are getting and you will definitely find me back for more!