Long Time Coming Vegetarian and Vegan Food Upturn

Vegetarianism and veganism are unarguably on the upturn. I mean, even McDonald’s is offering a vegan burger now, and the-McDonald’s-of-the-pizza-world — Pizza Hut — is even offering vegan cheese on their pizzas, so things are definitely on the up. Who knows, maybe one day there’ll be more choices on all restaurant menus than just a flipping veggie lasagna or – sigh – a veggie risotto.                                                     

But vegetarianism and veganism are about more than just food.  Just the water needed to raise a cow to eat ONE meat hamburger is equivalent to flushing the toilet 6 months or showering for 3 months.  Raising livestock creates more greenhouse gases than our cars and even our industrial manufacturing plants.  So, eating vegetarian is not only healthy for our bodies, its healthier for our aina’ (earth). You can feel good eating with us because everything on our menu is 100 percent meat-free and we aim at producing zero waste.  Take care of the earth and your body at Moku Roots vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Maui’s sunny Lahaina town.