No more maple!!

Maui Vegan Restaurant

The title may have lead you to believe I have some kind of a vendetta against maple, which I assure you, I do not. I have nothing at all against maple, it tastes great, and it brings up an unparalleled level of nostalgia when paired with pancakes and remembering the good ole days of your mom’s breakfast on a lazy Saturday morning.  However, I never intended to rely as heavily as we’ve become on maple syrup at Moku Roots for our vegan pancakes which we previously served with honey until it was brought to our attention that it was slightly misleading.  The pancakes are vegan and will continue to be, but will be served with our local organic honey from Maui Bees in Kula and as such will be labeled dairy and egg free instead of vegan.  

(and we will continue to serve the rest of the maple we have already purchased until it is gone…. then its reeeeeaaaaalllllllly gonneeeeeeee) 


We are not a strictly vegan restaurant. We have many vegan options and pride ourselves in doing so, but our OVERALL GOAL above all else to support local economy by supporting local farms and farmers and reduce environmental impacts of plastic packaging and fossil fuel use in transport of ingredients from far far away. And maple comes from a land far far away.  4,996 miles to be exact from Lahaina to Quebec (which accounts for 90% of the world’s maple production).  Vermont who produces way less, but still is a player in the Maple production game, especially within the US, is only 64 miles closer, leaving that maple to travel 4932 miles if it were to hop on a jet straight from tree to Lahaina.  That isn’t the case of course, it has to get put in little plastic bottles first that are no longer recycled in this world and shot off via who knows how many pit stops one quarter of the way across the planet.  We’ve repurposed those bottles, but there’s only so many ways to use them! Unless we are using them in lieu of some other plastic that we would have needed to otherwise purchase, its not an excuse to buy something in the plastic as far as i’m concerned.  

Maui Bees in Kula is located exactly 36.6 miles from the front door of Moku Roots and they let me bring my own jars! So we reuse the jars over and over and over again giving them a 5/5 star review in my book of trying to abstain from from single use anything. 

If we ever open a Moku Roots in Vermont, we will proudly serve shit tons of maple :) 

So to recap ….

Maui Bees honey - no single use packaging, 36.6 miles

Organic maple syrup -  un-recyclable plastic bottles and 5,000 miles. 

In an effort to serve our no-honey vegans customers, we are super excited to announce that we’re experimenting with local making Kula grown Yacon syrup and sugar cane juice syrup from fresh pressed sugar cane juice (sugar cane was cut down with a machete, walked 25 feet to our manual press, juiced and driven 3.8 miles from our farm in Lahaina to the doors of Moku Roots. the fiber is then laid down as mulch in gardens.)  Now that’s another option I can get “beehind”  

I’m curious to hear people’s opinions on our sweet dilemma…