Coo Coo for Coconuts!

Shade, meat, water, fiber, milk, seeds, cream, oil, erosion prevention, oxygen, flour, sugar, shells, wood…This list is seemingly endless when it comes to the ways we can utilize a coconut tree!

Maui is home to many coconut trees, making it so important to know how to take care of them and ensure their well-being and longevity. At Moku Roots, we love to use vegan, organic ingredients in our food…Making the coconut a staple on our menu!

As with any resource we use at Moku Roots, we like to pay homage and make sure we make use of it in a sustainable way. We know locals and tourists alike enjoy the many benefits and uses of the coconut, so we offer a guide to all things coconut in our “Coconut Information” book. The guide sheds light onto the lifecycle of a coconut to add to the understanding of what goes into growing one of those tasty beauties we all love to enjoy. There are also tidbits of info regarding methods for opening the seed and creating appetizing, nutritious recipes with it!

We consider the coconut to be one the most extraordinary plants on earth! With our menu centered on organic, vegan/vegetarian, and locally grown ingredients, the coconut is a must in our restaurant! Come benefit from and learn about one of Maui’s most precious resources — the coconut — at Moku Roots, one of the best Maui vegan restaurants, today!