Back To Our Roots: Vegan, Organic and Zero Waste

So many Maui restaurants, so little time…That’s how it can sometimes feel on Maui with all the options for dining out. Here at Moku Roots — small, but mighty —we have set ourselves apart from many of the eateries on the island by FULLY integrating our values and “roots” into our menu and practices.

We want our restaurant to reflect health, sustainability, and fun because that is what living life on Maui is about. Being a vegan, organic, and zero waste Maui restaurant, these titles are fueled by our Roots…

  1. Integrity: It is of utmost importance to us to do what is pono (righteous) for all beings on Maui — as well as for the world at large. Our goal is to minimize the footprint we leave behind by aiming to be Zero Waste in every single aspect of our business.

  2. Transparency: It will never be a secret where any part of your meal with us came from!

  3. Fun: Having fun and enjoying is key to doing anything well in life! We feel having a positive energy and outlook can be contagious too…So while we take great pleasure in what we do here at Moku Roots, we hope that energy will pass along to out guests, growers, and community!

  4. Creativity: We strive to add exciting and enticing flavors to our vegetarian food! Eating healthy does NOT mean boring at Moku Roots!

  5. Passion:  We want to create the most delectable, nourishing foods while producing the least amount fo trash as possible in a comfortable and happy environment for our guests and staff!

Come enjoy your next meal at Moku Roots — one of the best Maui vegan restaurants that has its heart and goals rooted in love and care for our community and world!