It's that time of year again!

It’s that time of year again… 

You all know what I’m talking about, time to vote for 2019 ‘Aipono awards!  We appreciate your support and hope you will vote for your favorite Maui Vegan Restaurant at this website:  and there are a few categories we’d be super duper honored if you’d type Moku Roots in for.  

**Excellence in Sustainability** is one of the premier categories which Andaz won in 2018 for a few of their highlighted practices which include free bike rentals for guests, minimal construction to the hotel (it previously was during remodel), and actually using the coconuts that grows from the coconut trees on their property.  They don’t use them for food however, they apparently dehydrate the meat and use it as a body scrub. I personally like to scrub with sand and to consume coconut but to each their own.  It’s pretty funny to me that a resort actually using the food growing abundantly on its property is grounds for an island-wide award, but it accurately highlights the disconnect between the world of high end hotels and sustainability.  I bet if you went to any surf hostel in Bali or Costa Rica or any “less developed” country for that matter, and you told the owners that these hotels pay tens of thousands of dollars to tree trimmers to actually prevent the development of one of the world’s most perfect and complete foods, they would hit you over the head with something other than a coconut because they wouldn’t dare waste the precious food and coconut water they probably use every single drop of.  Whose less developed now?!?!!!  

**Best New Restaurant** would be a huge honor to win especially since we were runner up in the Best of Maui (by Maui time magazine) whose voting closed about 2 weeks after we opened and we had been so consumed with opening and trying to not die during those first 2 weeks we didn’t even know about the voting… So thank you everyone who voted for us and we hope you will do it again. The winner and runner up of the 2018 Aiponos went to restaurants I don’t know but Aá Roots Maui came in strong for the west side with an honorable mention.  

**Best Healthy Fare** is another category you can feel free to pencil Moku Roots into.  Last year’s gold went unsurprisingly to Choice Health Bar as they have definitely been elevating the west side’s Acai bowl and kale salad world for 5 years running with Fork and Salad coming in second and Aá Roots Maui pulling another honorable mention.  

**Most innovative menu** There’s only so many ways you can mac nut crust Mahi… that’s all I’m sayin.  

**Best Burger**  I think it would be a huge victory for cows and taro lovers alike for a vegetarian restaurant to win this.  Cool thing though is we are still going to claim a victory if Cool Cat Cafe Maui wins because their taro burgers come from us :)

Also **Farm to table** because we have a farm and lots of tables :) 

So if you click the link in the first category, there are 42 questions, you must enter in at least 10 categories, it takes about 5 minutes and we love you way longer time than that if you vote for us!! Mahalo!!