Farm Fresh Taste with Zero Waste.  

If you are a vegetarian or just like to eat healthy, Moku Roots is the go-to vegetarian restaurant on Maui.  Our ingredients are primarily grown local at Mala ‘Akala Farms just 6 miles away so we are truly farm to table.  We are proud of what we do so if you want to know where a specific ingredient comes from, just ask.   

You can also enjoy an everyday changing menu and delve into a variety unmatched at other vegetarian restaurants on Maui — or anywhere.   We strive for sustainability, integrity and aim to create ZERO WASTE.  You won’t see plastics of any kind at Moku Roots and you’ll be able to feel good knowing that you aren’t contributing to the plastics epidemic occurring in our world.  Only bamboo straws here!  

We feel you will be amazed with the creativity in our dishes, smoothies, and elixirs and are assured that our vegetarian food is anything but boring.  Our fusions of fresh, local ingredients are healthy, delicious and most people leave feeling energized, happy and full!