Perfect Little Paradise

Maui is a place that most anything can not only grow — but thrive! When you look around, you’re bound to see a towering mango tree, a rambling lilikoi vine, or a ripe bunch of bananas. Since Maui has a wide range of micro-climates, that translates to a wide range of fruits and vegetables that can be grown locally. 

This perfect little paradise of happy plants growing under the Maui sun is what gives Moku Roots its healthy and organic menu that is not only good for your ‘opu (tummy), but also good for the ‘aina (land)! By serving organic, locally-grown Maui foods, our ingredients don’t have to travel very far (just down the road in fact), and there is significantly (if any) less packaging material of our ingredients. This translates to Moku Roots as a Zero Waste restaurant — something we are very proud of and that is very important living on a tiny island!

Considering how so many plants can thrive under the Maui sun, it’s surprising to walk into a local grocery store and find that so much of the produce is shipped in from Mexico, Mainland US, South America, and places even more far off! 

It’s been our dream to have one of the tastiest, organic, vegan Maui restaurants that is conscious about the footprint it leaves behind! The dream is finally a reality at Moku Roots…Come in and give us a taste…Your ‘opu and the ‘aina will thank you!