In For A GREAT Vegan Surprise!

Moku Roots has some very delectable, signature menu items that are available every time you come in…We also change up our menu everyday too! Not only is change the spice of life, but since we are committed to providing the Maui community with the freshest organic ingredients, whatever is in season and available greatly dictates what foods we serve too!

Our specials have ranged from street corn with spicy aioli, vegan parmesan cheese, and cilantro to “paneer” cheeze with house made tofu, kale, and lau leaves! Our menu will never cease to amaze and never be anything short or delicious and fresh!

Eat at Moku Roots today and leave with a happy ‘opu….Come back tomorrow for a totally new experience and ingredient list that will leave you equally satisfied! Who said vegan food is boring? Whoever it was, they had most definitely never eaten at Moku Roots! See why we’re one of the most favorite Maui vegan restaurants!