No Straws = Zero Waste

We cannot wait for the day when straws are a thing of the past! When you think about it…What is the point? If you’re really that adamant about sipping your drink through one, be adamant about saving the planet and countless marine creatures and wildlife too and bring your own (: You can even get creative and self-expressive when it comes to toting around your personal, individualized straw. Really, the possibilities are endless! Think papaya stem, bamboo shoot, or even a reusable metal or glass straw! 

We don’t — and will not ever — serve up our fresh, organic, elixirs and smoothies at Moku Roots with a one-use straw. We are proud to be a part of the forward-thinking movement and the change we want to see in the world — and you can too!

Come down to one of Maui’s best vegan restaurants — Moku Roots — for some ‘ono, organic, healthy grindz and show off your personal style and socially-responsible sense with your re-usable straw! Aloha!