Styrofoam No More! Organic, Zero Waste Is Here To Stay!

That’s right! The notoriously horrible, deadly, and non-biodegradable substance is FINALLY — and rightfully — going to be outlawed on Maui! Effective December 31, 2018, any restaurant or other business distributing  products made from styrofoam will be help accountable for their short-sighted actions!

This legislation makes us at Moku Roots elated! This kind of thinking and true progress is right in-line with our goals and mission of zero waste. What is the point of eating healthy, vegan/vegetarian, and organic if your food is packaged or stored in polystyrene — a substance that is poisonous to you and all other wildlife and marine life that consume it!

Come celebrate this historic and monumental step toward a sustainable future on Maui at Moku Roots — a vegan/vegetarian, organic and styrofoam—free restaurant!