Colocasia esculenta = Super Food

Let’s take a moment to talk about kalo — also known as taro. Taro is one of the earliest cultivated plants in the islands, and is therefore one of the most important resources to Hawaiians. Adding to its significance, the taro plant and its many components can be utilized in a wide variety of ways. Since the plant loves the growing conditions on Maui, and is very versatile, nutritious, and organic, it has become a key player in the green and vegan platform of Moku Roots as well!

Standing firm in our commitment to promote a healthy environment and build a self-sustaining restaurant, we decided to delve deep into all the ways we could make use of this super plant!

The edible and nutrient-rich root of the taro plant is one its most popular components for cooking. We use the root in a variety of ways, most notably — and very deliciously — in our taro burger! Having a starchy and substantial element to it, the root makes for a very hearty burger that is able to absorb flavor well. 

A little more off the beaten path and in our unwavering mission to create zero waste, we also have successfully experimented with using the large and durable leaves as an alternative to plastic packaging. We work with our organic growers to purchase in bulk and make use of our home-grown taro leaves to cut down on unnecessary packaging waste. We also wrap some of our menu items in the leaf as an option for on-the-go eating!

We are proud to be one of the best organic, Maui vegan restaurants that is totally committed to minimizing our footprint…A special and big mahalo to kalo for helping us help the earth!