No Ka Oi Vegan Restaurant

Being one of the best Maui vegan restaurants serving organic, local food put Moku Roots into the conversation with No Ka Oi (the best)!

We are so pleased, proud, and humbled to have been considered as one of the best new restaurants on Maui. It has been our goal to serve tasty, healthy, locally-sourced food to our Maui community in a sustainable and environmentally-conscious way. 

We have our hard-working staff, loyal customers, and those of you who believed in our dream to thank for the recognition we have received as being a restaurant success on the island that promises to deliver more in the future!

It is a beautiful thing to be a part of a community the recognizes the importance of not only good food, but also the power of organic food created in a zero waste environment!

Mahalo Maui for giving our restaurant the wind beneath its wings and for allowing our dream of establishing a healthy, vegan restaurant to flourish! Aloha to all and we look forward to seeing you!