6.8 LBS

Maui Vegetarian Food

At this point, pretty much everyone knows how proud I am of how little trash we produce at Moku Roots.  I think it’s also notable that we haven’t bought trash bags since we opened on May 1st.  Some people bring us produce in bags and we just repurpose those as trash bags along with other miscellaneous bags that come into our lives such as my dogs 50 lb bag of food.  

So we started weighing our trash the other day and after 12 hours of service and over two hundred meals the total weight of our trash was 6.8 lbs.  Our scale starts registering weights at 10 lbs so we had to stand on the scale with and without the trash and subtract the difference to even figure it out!
Here’s a list of some things that weigh more than 6.8 lbs - or as I like to call it, a day’s worth of trash at Moku Roots.

- The trash an average American couple produces in a day

- An average newborn baby

- Adult Maltese dog

- Medium pumpkin

- 1/2 of an average watermelon

- 987 tea bags

- Full grown Red fox

- $7,710 in dollar bills

- 3 dozen bagels

- Adult three toed sloth

- Breeder hen

- 17 Iphone X’s

- 1 gallon water

- 494 calories worth of celery 

- 39,537 bees

- Average full grown house cat

- Black handed spider monkey

- Medium adult octopus

- 61,678 drops of water

- newborn baby goat (not dwarf)

- 2.5 human brains

- Macintosh Portable - first Apple battery powered (sort-of laptop) computer

- Calculus and Physics textbook

- 9,941 calories worth of marshmallows