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Acai bowls : Why we dont serve them and where to get one

When designing our menu at Moku Roots we did so with two main considerations. 

One, we wanted to create recipes based around Maui grown produce and re-design classic recipes to feature local ingredients instead of whatever store bought ingredients they typically contain. The taro burger is a great example of the former and our yuca-based (and garbanzo free.. where on earth are garbanzos from anyways??) falafel is one of the latter. 

And the other goal of our menu was to create a type of cuisine that people wanted but simply wasn’t available : locally grown, great tasting food that is more savory than the other healthy options in Maui.  Albeit tasty, those little purple berries all the way from Brazil fit into neither of those categories and create quite a bit of blender noise to turn into an acai bowl. 

This brings me to our last but no less important reason for resisting the Acai urge, we wanted our kitchen and dining to have a quieter ambiance than can be achieved under the constant roar of Vitamixes.  So for all of my acai loving friends, here are all of the great places to get acai bowls on Maui.  

**Lahaina & West side** **Central Maui**

A’a Roots Alive & Well

Aina Gourmet Market Down to Earth

Barefruit Bar Farmacy Health Bar

Baya Bowls Jamba Juice

Betty’s Beach Cafe Maalaea General Store

Breakwall Shave Ice  Made in Hope Cafe

Cafe Cafe Maui Coffee Roasters

Choice  Mo Ono Hawaii 

Farmers Market Snow Day

Honolua store Tutti Frutti

Honolua Farms kitchen Whole Foods

Honolulu Coffee at Hyatt

Island Vintage Coffee ** Upcountry**

Island Press coffee Aloha Kettlecorn

Ulana Terrace Choice Health Bar

Coconut Cafe

**South Maui** Jaws Country Store

AwaJuice Farmacy

Beach Street Huelo Lookout

Brekkie Bowls Island Fresh Cafe

Cafe Kula Ka’ana Kitchen

Caffe Ciao Bakery and Market Mana

Farmers Market Maui Maui kombucha

Hawaiian Moons Nuka

honolulu coffee Tobi’s Shave Ice

Joy’s Place Paia Bay Coffee & Bar

Maui gelato Paia Bowls

Nalu’s South Shore Grill Rock and Brews

Whale’s Tale Sporting club of the Pacific

Wow wow hawaiian lemonade